Waterproofing swimming pools

Waterproofing swimming pools presents a set of distinctive and rigorous requirements that demand specialized attention. This endeavor is not only about creating a suitable base for liners, elastomeric paints, or tiles but must also withstand both positive and negative side water pressure while demonstrating exceptional crack-bridging capabilities due to the inherent settling of pool structures.

The process begins by ensuring the substrate is sound, solid, and free of any substances that could hinder proper bonding. As a crucial primer, we employ KÖSTER Polysil TG 500, which not only strengthens the substrate but also minimizes the mobility of salts. To fortify the integrity of the system and prevent potential stresses in subsequent waterproofing layers, the installation of fillets at the wall-floor and wall-wall junctions is imperative. This task is executed with precision using KÖSTER WP Mortar.

For the initial layer on the prepared substrate, a minimum of one application of KÖSTER NB 1 is essential to create a reliable base for the system. In situations involving negative side water pressure and in-ground pools, the application must consist of a minimum of two layers.

The positive side waterproofing is carried out with crack bridging systems like KÖSTER NB Elastic Grey or KÖSTER NB 4000. These materials are celebrated for their outstanding durability, ability to withstand pressurized water, tolerance for occasional foot traffic, and even their compatibility with tile coverings. Their unique attributes shine through in their capacity to form a resilient bond with damp substrates, delivering enduring protection owing to their impressive elasticity.

Fillets at wall-floor junctions, intricate details, and overall (full area) reinforcement are meticulously realized by embedding KÖSTER Glass Fiber Mesh into the initial fresh layer of the waterproofing material. Application of the second layer should commence once the first layer is no longer susceptible to damage during the application. The system is completed with the tile installation, accomplished with the versatile adhesive KÖSTER BD Flexible Tile Adhesive.

Pipe penetrations are addressed with precision, utilizing KÖSTER KB-Flex 200, and sealed securely with KÖSTER KB-Fix 5.

Successful waterproofing of swimming pools hinges on proper concrete structure design, encompassing considerations such as structural integrity, concrete thickness, quality, and the placement of necessary expansion/dilatation joints to accommodate stresses, among other factors.

Consistent adherence to the specifications outlined in the relevant Technical Guidelines is paramount to achieving optimum results and ensuring the longevity of the waterproofing solution.



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